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Colorful easter eggs in wood basket and wrapped in cello.

What if we showered the adults in our lives with Easter baskets the way we do children?

But seriously. Let’s think about this. If you’ve ever bid on a silent auction gift basket or received a gift basket at Christmas, a baby shower, wedding shower or as a get-well gift, half the fun of the gift basket is going through it! Instead of one gift, you get the continuous joy and surprise of looking through your basket to see what delightful items lay inside.

This is probably why kids love Easter baskets so much. They’re multiple gifts in one.

As adults, we forget to have fun. We get bogged down in the mundane, day-to-day tasks and necessary to-do’s. We forget that we too need a little spoiling.

We’re Bringing Back Adult Easter Baskets

This is why, at Maid For You, we’re bringing back the Easter gift basket! The adults in your life deserve a little fun and spoiling too! So what should you include? Well here are a few ideas.

Cleaning Gift Cards

1.  A Maid For You gift card. That busy loved one in your life could probably use the extra hours they’ll gain not cleaning their own home to enjoy a hobby, get together with friends or just relax.

Something Sweet

2. Sweets. Who doesn’t love still eating a chocolate Easter bunny? Personally, I like to eat the ears first lol. Other fun ideas you can incorporate are macarons, Easter themed cookies or other pastries. Shop local and check out Two Ladies Bakery in South Hampton, PA to source these. For gluten free goodies check out The Happy Mixer with locations in Chalfont and Newtown, PA.

Cleaning Supplies

3. Cleaning Supplies. Yes, you’ve made the smart move to hire a cleaning service like Maid For You (or if not you can get your quote here), but your home probably needs a little attention to tackle those daily things that pop-up such as wiping up spills, washing dishes, and doing laundry. Add a little pleasure to these tasks by having hard working, green and fresh cleaning supplies like these:

Microfiber Towels
Bamboo Dish Scrubber
Swedish Dishcloths
Melaleuca Laundry Line

And Bonus! These supplies are also green and can be used again and again! To shop the online store from Melaleuca and earn product discounts you can enroll through me, Lisa Ciao.

This post contains affiliate links which I may earn a small commission on at no additional cost to you the consumer. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.


4. Coffee. I love coffee, and the coffee drinker in your life will enjoy some gourmet coffee too. Every week on Coffee with Lisa over on Instagram, I enjoy a delicious cup in one of my favorite mugs as I go live to talk about what’s going on at Maid For You, cleaning hacks etc… Be sure to check us out on Instagram! Also be sure to check out Old Village Roastery in Lahaska, Pennsylvania to source artisan coffee beans sourced from exotic locations around the world.

Coffee (or Tea) Cup

5. Coffee Mugs! The mug matters. Or at least I think so! Choosing a fun mug adds that little extra something to your morning coffee.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to add a little fun and create an adult Easter baskets for the deserving people in your life! Be sure to call us at 215-370-7993 for your gift certificate to spoil your loved one! Maid For You services Bucks County and Montgomery County Pennsylvania.