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Deep Cleaning for your House, Office, Apartment

You may wonder, ‘what’s the difference between “A Deep Clean” and “A Maintenance Clean”?

If it has been a while since anyone has cleaned your home or office thoroughly, your space will need a deep clean prior to being put on a regular maintenance clean schedule. Our deep cleans are initial cleans designed to get your space thoroughly cleaned up to our strict standards, so that we can then maintain that level of clean on your regularly scheduled maintenance cleans.

What’s involved with our deep cleaning services? It all depends on the space we are cleaning.

Deep Cleaning for Houses

Is it time for a deep cleaning of your home?

Let Maid For You handle the dirty work while you put your feet up, relax, and enjoy your loved ones. We will deep clean your home top-to-bottom reaching every nook and cranny, leaving it sparkling clean! Our Deluxe Top to Bottom package is very thorough and ensures we are getting rid of old dirt and buildup as well as those forgotten and hard to reach spaces.

Deep Cleaning services for your home

Office Cleaning Service

Does your office need a good deep cleaning?

We provide commercial office cleaning services for a typical business office as well as a medical office cleaning that may require additional disinfection and sanitizations products. We understand that when it comes to running a business, often, the deep cleaning isn’t done as frequently as it should be. That’s ok because Maid For You will tackle the job! We will clean, disinfect, and sanitize the office leaving it sparkling clean for you and your employees!


Apartment Cleaning Services

Do you have an apartment, condo or smaller townhome that needs to be cleaned?

Our local cleaning technicians are skilled at making any size of home clean and healthy. Smaller homes and apartments are often two hours or less to clean, but many factors can determine how clean or dirty your space is, which we’ll take into account when we quote and schedule you. Let us know the size of your home when you call for a quote. First time deep cleanings do take more time as we work thoroughly and efficiently to get the level of clean up to the Maid For You high standards of clean.

Preparing to move out of your apartment and want to ensure you receive all of your security deposit back? We can help! We offer move out cleans. We’ll go above and beyond what your landlord expects and clean the unit top to bottom with our apartment cleaning services, ensuring their satisfaction. We can even employ a professional carpet cleaner after all the furniture has been removed.

One Time Cleaning Service

If your home or apartment cleaning duties have been neglected for a period of time, you may require a very deep cleaning just to get you back to “normal”. One time house cleaning often requires more time and effort than an ongoing maintenance clean. After we get done with the initial cleaning, we can get you started on a monthly or weekly maintenance program.

We provide Local Cleaning Services for These Communities