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Residential Cleaning Services

Ensuring “A Clean Home is a Healthy Home

At Maid For You, we offer premium residential cleaning services that are thorough and in-depth. We take cleaning to the next level! We deep clean areas often overlooked by the average cleaning company. During your cleaning quote, we discuss what is included in the cleaning and tailor the areas cleaned based on your home’s needs, discuss any areas of concern to ensure that these top priority areas are addressed, provide you with an estimated rate, discuss cleaning schedules and what you can expect from us. We also set up a short Zoom walk through of your home to verify the amount of time necessary to give you a SPARKLING and HEALTHY home.

We provide exceptional service using our own non-toxic environmentally friendly products. We bring our own products which we use unless there is a specific product(s) our customer prefers and provides for our use. We also use EPA Certified disinfectants to sanitize your home. We will use the customer’s vacuum for sanitary reasons. We back up our performance with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed that Maid for You will meet or exceed your expectations.

House Cleaning Services – The Deluxe Package

The Top to Bottom Deluxe cleaning is a more detailed deep clean, or a rip apart and get rid of the OLD DIRT cleaning. This cleaning will take much longer than the normal scheduled cleaning. Our local maid services provide a thorough cleaning that is second to none. No other local cleaning services go as deep as this Deluxe package.

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Maid Service in Central Bucks County

Initial Cleaning

Our initial cleaning, while thorough, is not as deep as the Top to Bottom Deluxe but is not a maintenance clean. Our initial clean is designed for clients who have an exceptionally clean home already or are switching maid services and may not need the Top to Bottom Deluxe prior to their maintenance cleaning. The initial clean cleans the same areas as the Top to Bottom Deluxe using different and less in depth methods.

The Top to Bottom Deluxe and the Initial Clean are the 1st Time Cleaning.

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Home Cleaning Services
Professional Home Cleaning Services

Maintenance Cleaning

Keeping your home clean, shiny, healthy and dirt-free is easy with our maintenance scheduling. Our maintenance program is a direct result of the initial consultation since it is based on what the client has requested. During these visits, the kitchen as well as the bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected. Furniture will be dusted, hardwood floors swept and mopped and rugs vacuumed. This program has been designed by the client. Choose what fits your home’s needs best. We offer several solutions for routine cleaning service. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly (every 2 weeks) or every 4 weeks. We will also schedule periodic maintenance or cleanings on an as-needed basis (such as for holiday gatherings and family house parties).

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*New* Essential Package

GOOD NEWS! Let us do the work while you take back your time.  We’ve added a new package so you can you reclaim your time and relax.  We know how busy life is juggling work, family, friends and me time.  MEET OUR ESSENTIAL PACKAGE.  This package is for the in-between cleaning of the entire home or just on its own to tackle the hardest rooms in the home, This cleaning is the bathrooms, kitchen and floors or just the bathrooms and kitchen, WITH OUR PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATION, you then decide.

Vacation Cleaning Service

While you are away on a business trip or fun vacation, this is a great time Maid For You to tackle large cleaning projects for you. We will organize rooms, pantries, kids play areas, closets and garages. Another service that is available is the complete clean-out and sanitization of refrigerators and freezers. Ovens are cleaned and disinfected to look like new. It’s also a good time for a deeper house clean such as spring cleaning or garage cleaning.

Laundry & Light Cleaning

The laundry and light cleaning service is customized to your needs.  Our packages start at a 2 hr minimum which includes for front load washers,  quick cycle washing.  Top loading washers are regular cycle. We then dry, fold/hang laundry and put away. While we wait on laundry, light cleaning is done.  This includes surface cleaning, tidy up and quick wipe down of bathroom counters and kitchen counters, making beds,  loading, running  and/or unloading dishwasher, empty and put trash out.   (No mopping or vacuuming).

Home Cleaning Services

Catering, Party Service and Party Clean-up

Planning a Party or Event??? Let us do the work while you have the fun!  Imagine actually enjoying your party as much as your guests.

We prepare the food for in-home or small hall parties!  Maximum 150 people.  We can set up, serve, clean-up during and cater to you and your guests. Once the event is done we make sure all food is put away, all the trash is out and everything is cleaned up. At the end of the night all you need to do is walk your guests out and go to bed. Wake up to a fresh, clean home.  You’d never know there was a party the day, night before.

Home Cleaning Services

Customer Satisfaction

At Maid For You, your satisfaction is our priority. We are dedicated and driven to ensure that all of our customers and partners are completely satisfied. As a small, independently-owned business, we value our clients and the relationships that have been built throughout the years, which is why we treat YOU like family.  This is one of our core company values. We place a very strong emphasis on the customer and their ultimate happiness regarding how Maid For You treats their home. We want you to have a R.I.C.H. life: R- relaxing, I- inviting, C-cozy, so you can H- have fun!

At Maid For You we give you a thorough detailed quote over the phone after gathering the necessary information. Upon booking and prior to the initial cleaning we do a short Zoom walk through to verify your dirt code and accuracy of the quote. We discuss all your concerns to get the job done.  A job order is created for each client for your cleaning technician to use to make sure your areas of concern are a top priority. At the initial consultation, our estimated rate, service structure and what you can expect from us will be explained. We also explain that we bring our own supplies but use the customer’s vacuum for sanitary reasons. We back up our performance with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed that Maid for You will exceed your expectations. Maid For You will give you SPARKLING service.

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