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Those dog days of summer are upon us and things can get messy! Summer brings a laid back relaxed vibe and a ‘just go with it mentality’ which is a beautiful thing. Those summer vibes are part of what makes relaxing easier and makes summer fun. Sometimes with all that laid back beauty, comes mess. This might not bother everyone….but for those of us (eh hem, me) who tend to be a little more particular, that mess can cut into our relaxation. 

So how do we tame the mess and keep our home clean? Well my friend, I’m here to share with you a few ideas. 

5 An Additional 5 Minutes Twice A Day

Take 5 minutes a day to tackle the area that most needs it. Seriously. It’s that simple. For some of us, it’s taking 5 minutes at the end of the day to handle the dishes, wipe down the counters and run the dishwasher so we can start the next day with a fresh kitchen. 

In the mornings, take 5 minutes to run the vacuum or broom across the area that needs it most. Maybe it’s the entryway, perhaps it’s the living room, pick a room each day, do a quick 5 minute vacuum or sweep and you’ll stay on top of whatever is getting tracked into the house. 


Do One Load Of Laundry A Day (As Needed)

Laundry can pile up and get crazy! Am I right? Especially with extra beach towels, swimsuits, sporting gear etc… Instead of letting that laundry pile up into a great big mountain that feels endless and having a laundry day to tackle it all, do one load a day. Before work in the morning it takes just a few minutes to throw that laundry in, when you get home it can get transferred to the dryer, and after dinner fold and put away while you watch some Netflix. 

Bonus, if you have kids and your kids are old enough to help, enlist them. Laundry is a pretty kid friendly chore for kids even as young as 6 or 7 to help with. It might not be pretty and it might not be perfect, but it’ll be done. Need professional help instead? At Maid For You we offer a laundry and light cleaning service. Give us a call or get a quote to learn more.


 Use Paper Products

When it comes to summer, casual is best. One of the ways to make summer less work is to use paper products when you entertain. Your dishes will be cut in half (or more!) and clean up will be a breeze. Even if you’re not entertaining, if you have a particularly busy week, are getting ready to go on vacation etc…use paper products those days. Your sanity will thank you. 


Create a Cleaning Schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule can definitely help you stay on target. Do one room a day. Maybe Monday is bathroom day, Tuesday living room day, Wednesday you vacuum all the carpeted areas etc… You get the idea. Find what works and enlist help whether it’s family that chips in between your regular services or it’s hiring a service like ours to handle your cleaning. 


Make a Cleaning Caddy

A cleaning caddy that holds on your supplies, dusting spray, window cleaner, roll of paper towels or rags, all purpose cleaner and tub and tile spray makes grabbing what you need a breeze so you can get the job done quickly and easily. Is it time to switch up your cleaning supplies? Check out Melaleuca’s list of non-toxic, effective and green cleaning products. To shop the online store from Melaleuca and earn product discounts you can enroll through me, Lisa Ciao. Need a cleaning caddy? Here is option 1  and option 2 you can order right off Amazon. 



Short On Time? Feeling Overwhelmed? Look at the key things that are most important to you and have the biggest impact and just address those. Kitchens and baths get the most use and make the biggest impact for the majority of people. So if you’re short on time, just focus on those high traffic areas that take the biggest beating.  


Create Drop Zones

With all the clutter that comes with summer activities, having a drop zone to contain all the summer clutter is key to cutting down on the mess. Look at what comes and goes into your house regularly. Is it books from your kids’ summer reading program? Soccer balls, baseball equipment, swim toys, beach toys etc..? Evaluate what’s coming and going and where things are getting clogged up in your home and where you could put a container to hold everything. If it’s swim toys for example, having a tote by the back door or in the garage that swim toys, googles, floaties and sunscreen can get dropped off and having a hamper next to it for damp towels and swimwear can help keep items off the floor and from piling up. Maybe you don’t have a garage and it’s kids soccer balls and cleats from sports camp that keep ending up on the floor. A cute basket or hamper to hold all the stuff can make it easy to find on your way out the door and hold everything when you come back in the door.



You can always hire a maid from Maid For You and take advantage of our end of school special.  For new customers only $50 off your Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning, then $25 off the 2nd cleaning and the $25 off the 4th cleaning.

So which tips will you be trying? I’d love to hear from you on which suggestions you’re excited to try out. Happy organizing!


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