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The kids are getting out of school, temperatures have warmed up and summer is practically here! If you’re like most, summer can be a whirlwind of vacations, trips to the beach, barbecues, camping, outings to local events, museums, kids summer camp etc….plus there are so many fun activities to do in Bucks County, PA this summer. So what are the areas to focus on getting your home clean? Well, we’ve got you taken care of!

      1. Deck/Patio

First up is the deck or patio area. This area starts to get  a lot of use with warmer weather, and it can take a beating. To get your deck/patio area ready for summer entertaining, spray or wipe down any patio furniture. We love a gentle solution of a few drops of dish soap, water and ½  cup of vinegar. Spray and wipe with a sponge or wet rag to wipe down patio tables and chairs. 

Don’t forget the floor! Whether your patio is wood, concrete or a product like Trex, giving your patio a thorough clean at the beginning of summer will keep your outdoor entertaining space feeling fresher. For built up scum, residue and grime, you’ll want to use a power washer. These can be great investments or you can borrow one from a friend. If your surfaces just need a light gentle cleaning, you can use a ½ cup of baking soda in one gallon of water for a gentle cleaning solution. Add a few drops of soap to up the stain fighting power. 

      2. The Grill

Summertime is all about grilling. We want simple dishes, that delicious smell of the grill going and we want to avoid heating up our homes. Plus if someone else is grilling it’s a bonus for you, less work cooking dinner! Show your grill some love this summer. To clean your grill, run the grill on high heat for 15 minutes with the lid closed. When 15 minutes is up, turn off your grill and use a grill brush to scrape off hard residue. For the outside, use a baking soda mixture of 3 parts baking soda to one part water. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then wipe off gently with a microfiber cloth. We love these ones from Microfiber Wholesale that stand up to repeated use. For any tough spots repeat with the baking soda paste as necessary. 

      3. Laundry

Your laundry room will probably take a beating this summer with kids in sweaty sports gear, dragging in grassy or sandy towels, chlorine filled swimwear and items smelling like campfire smoke. We love the cleaning detergent by Melaleuca (contact us to sign up)  to get tough yet gentle cleaning and get out trapped in smells. Keep a second broom and dustpan by the laundry to make sweeping up all the sand, grass and debris a breeze.

      4. Garbage

All the extra summer entertaining can yield a stinky garbage. Keep it simple by wiping down the garbage can with wet wipes or a gentle spray of all purpose cleaner. Again we love Melaleuca’s products for non-toxic EFFECTIVE cleaning.  Dip a few cotton balls in essential oils (add 5-15 drops) and throw those in the bottom of a new trash can liner to help cut odors and keep the trash can smells at bay. For something like this we love lemon or tea tree/melaleuca oil. 

      5. Catch-all Bins

Our final tip to help keep your home feeling clean and organized this summer is to have a catch-all bin at the front and back door with all the summertime necessities. You can get cute ones like these from Amazon, or get something as simple as a Dollar Tree plastic bin. Put sunscreen, hats, bug spray and extra sunglasses at each door so you can grab items quickly and easily before heading outdoors.

That’s it, friend! The top 5 tips to keep your home clean this summer. Thanks for stopping by!


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