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Spring cleaning is more than just tidying up; it’s about rejuvenating your living space and revitalizing your life. Spring means renewal as winter frost melts away and plants begin to bloom. This is the perfect time to renew your home. Spring cleaning might seem daunting, especially when considering the myriad of tasks that need attention,  but with the assistance of Maid For You, spring cleaning becomes an opportunity to transform your home into a haven of relaxation, invitation, coziness, and happiness—a truly R.I.C.H. living environment.


As we help you to create your R.I.C.H. home haven, we are launching our March cleaning challenge. Each week in March we’ll be focusing on a specific area of the home and each day will feature a quick task you can do to keep your home clean and tidy. Whether you’re a current customer or you’re thinking about giving Maid For You a try, these tips will keep your home manageable, healthy and clean between appointments.


So read on for tips on how to transform your home into a haven with our cleaning challenge so you can create a R.I.C.H. life 


Creating your R.I.C.H. Life


At Maid For You, we understand that a clean home is more than just organized surfaces and dust-free corners. It’s about creating a sanctuary where you can unwind, entertain guests, and make cherished memories with your loved ones. When your home is calm, your mind and life are calm. That’s why we go beyond traditional house cleaning services to deliver an experience that elevates your quality of life. 


Relaxation is the cornerstone of a R.I.C.H. home environment. Picture coming home after a long day at work to find every room meticulously cleaned and organized, creating an atmosphere of calm and tranquility..


An inviting home welcomes guests with open arms, exuding warmth and hospitality. When your space is clean it feels welcoming, leaving visitors impressed and eager to return.


Coziness is more than just fluffy pillows and soft blankets; it’s about creating a snug retreat where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From fluffy rugs to freshly laundered linens, we pay attention to the smallest details to infuse your home with warmth and comfort. Every corner becomes a cozy nook where you can unwind and recharge.


Happy and healthy homes come from investing in a tidy, clean living space, and investing in each other. Above all, a happy home is one filled with laughter, love, and cherished moments. Our team takes pride in delivering service with a smile, ensuring that every interaction leaves you feeling valued and appreciated. You’ll be left with a space your family wants to spend time in together. 


Putting  R.I.C.H. Life Into Place With The March Cleaning Challenge


Now that we’ve identified what it is that makes a R.I.C.H. life with Maid For You, we need some practical steps and habits to create and implement to  keep your homes clean, inviting, cozy and relaxing between appointments.


We’re covering four main areas of the home for the month of March. Each week will focus on a specific room or area of the home. Each item takes about five minutes, and the challenge builds on itself so that you’re adding that day’s to-do to the prior day’s. Some things it won’t make sense to do each day, while others should be done each day.


Challenge Kick-Off


Friday March 1st kicks off the challenge! 


This day keeps it simple with one impactful change. Take your shoes off at your home’s entry. Shoes can track in bacteria and viruses that cause colds, flus, and other bugs including E. Coli. CNN cites a study stating 99% of shoes test positive for fecal matter. Yuck! Plus your shoes track in excess dirt, grass, debris and pesticides. 


So create a clean haven by becoming a shoe free home. Place a shoe rack, basket or mat near the door(s) to remind family members and guests to take those shoes off.


Making Your Home a Haven, By Putting The Kitchen To Bed Each Night

Week 1 March 3rd-8th  


Monday, Day 1- Your challenge today is to put your kitchen to bed at night. After dinner or before bed, take about 5 minutes and sweep floors and wipe the counters. Remember to do the counters first and wipe back to front! Floors go last to collect any crumbs that may end up on the floor.


Tuesday, Day 2  Continue putting your kitchen to bed by doing Monday’s items and also emptying out your sink and putting the dishes in the dishwasher. When dishes can go right in the dishwasher it helps keep the whole area cleaner.


Wednesday Day 3. For day three, you’re going to do everything you did Monday & Tuesday, but add in a quick microwave wipe down and stovetop wipe down. If your microwave has baked on food, place a bowl of water in the microwave and microwave for one to two minutes. The steam will help loosen all the gunk.


Thursday Day 4. Complete everything from days one, two and three and gather and take out the trash. If your trash day is earlier in the week, feel free to swap days.


Friday Day 5 Complete everything from days one and two, and if needed days three and four, and mop your floors.


Congrats! Kitchen week is done! We hope you’ll take some of the key activities this week such as putting the kitchen to bed by wiping surfaces and sweeping and continuing to do these other weeks. 


Making Your Home a Haven by Tidying Up The Bathroom. 

Week 2 March 11th -15th


For week two, we are focusing on the bathroom. Most homes have more than one bathroom, so choose the one that tends to bother you the most or gets the heaviest use.


Monday, Day 1- Your challenge today is to wipe your bathroom counters and sink. This day you may want to use your bathroom cleaner and spray (we recommend Tub & Tile Bathroom Cleaner by Melaleuca). As the week goes you may just need to do a quick wipe with a washcloth to keep up with water, soap and toothpaste spills. Otherwise keep your sponge and spray bottle handy for a quick spray & wipe.


Tuesday, Day 2  Continue doing a counter and sink wipe each day. Today you’re also going to clean the mirrors and dust the light fixtures. Clean your light fixtures first and continue downward since they’ll likely rain dust down on your other surfaces. 


Wednesday Day 3. For day three, you’re going to do a quick wipe of the counters, sink and the mirror, and then refill the toilet paper and change out the towels and hand towels. Nothing creates a haven like clean fresh fluffy towels!


Thursday Day 4. Complete everything from days one, two and three and add in a toilet cleaning today. Safe & Might Toilet Bowl Cleaner from Melaleuca is our favorite!


Friday Day 5 Complete everything from days one and two, and if needed days three and four, and clean out the shower and/or bathtub. Again we love Melaleuca’s Tub & Tile!


Congrats! Bathroom week is done! We hope you’ll take some of the key activities and keep doing them! Choosing one day a week to restock toilet paper and change towels and doing a quick sink wipe down most nights to keep things fresh and stocked up! You can do this with disinfecting wipes to make it quick and easy. Walking into a clean bathroom makes your home a haven and far more inviting than a home with grimy sinks, toilets and showers.


Making Your Home a Haven, Living Spaces

Week 3 March 18th -22nd


Monday, Day 1- Today let’s clean up the clutter! Grab a hamper or basket and take five minutes to toss in anything that doesn’t belong in that room. Then return items to their proper room. If you have kids they can come grab items and help return them. 


Tuesday, Day 2  Continue spending 5 minutes returning items that don’t belong to their proper spaces. Today, we’re emphasizing cozy as you transform your home into a haven. Fold blankets and fluff pillows. After you fluff your pillows do a nice karate chop in the middle for a styled designer touch. 


Wednesday, Day 3 Continue doing everything from days 1 and 2 and then dust. Put on your favorite song, grab your swiffer, or a rag and dusting spray and dust end tables, coffee tables and any other furniture pieces such as shelving, pianos, entertainment centers etc… We recommend dusting and wiping with microfiber cloths. We love these ones from Microfiber Wholesale. (This is an affiliate link and we may make an affiliate commission at no extra charge to you if you purchase. 


Thursday Day 4. Complete everything from days one and two, (and day three if needed) and today you’re sweeping and mopping or vacuuming your main living room. If you have hardwood floors, we love Clean & Gleam Floor Cleaner by Melaleuca for an easy way to keep floors germ free, fresh and shining. 


Friday Day 5 Complete everything from days one and two, and if needed days three and four. For the final day this week we are cleaning the upholstery. If you have leather, or faux leather, wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth. For upholstery give it a good vacuum. Be sure to lift up cushions and vacuum those crumbs out!


Woo hoo! Doesn’t the living room feel better!?


Making Your Home a Haven, In Your Bedroom


Week 4 March 25th -29th


Bedrooms often become neglected and abused, yet your bedroom should be your sanctuary and the most relaxing haven of all!  With messy beds, cast off clothing and laundry piling up, a messy room does not evoke feelings of rest and relaxation. So for the final week of March, we’re focusing on making your bedroom a sanctuary.


Monday, Day 1- Make your bed. It’s simple, but as the largest piece of furniture in the room, a messy bed makes a room look messier.  A simple act like making your bed in the morning instantly makes the room look better and it sets your day up for having a win already.  Don’t believe us? Check out the book Make Your Bed by Admiral William McRaven. He also has a great speech delivered to the graduating class at the University of Texas, Austin on this on YouTube


Tuesday, Day 2  Make your bed in the morning. Afterwork, spend five minutes picking up clothes and clutter. If your clothes aren’t clean enough to go back on a hanger or in a drawer, put them in the hamper rather than on a chair, bench or the floor. Toss any garbage, remove any dishes or other miscellaneous items.


Wednesday, Day 3 Continue doing everything from days 1 and 2 and run a load of laundry. After the laundry is done take five minutes listening to something great and put your laundry away.


Thursday Day 4. Complete everything from days one and two, (and day three if needed) and vacuum and dust. Using your microfiber cloths, wipe down any bedside tables, dressers and the bedframe and do a quick vacuum of the floors. 


Friday Day 5 Complete everything from days one and two, and if needed days three and four then change the sheets! You’ll go to bed in clean sheets and spend your weekend waking up in a fresh clean bed and bedroom! 


Congrats bedroom week is done! Keep up the good habits and you’ll have a relaxing bedroom you look forward to sleeping in!


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