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How do you keep the real meaning of Valentine’s Day? Celebrating love comes to mind when we talk about Valentine’s Day, typically related to roses, chocolates and a dinner date. If you have children you may also be thinking about the pink and red candy filled holiday party at school and buying all the class Valentine’s cards.


But Valentine’s has a meaning so much deeper than we typically think about in modern society.


A Little History 


Before the 14th century Valentine’s Day wasn’t celebrated as a day of love. According to the Catholic Church recognizes up to three different saints named Valentine or Valentinus, all who were martyred.


Variations on the Legends


One version of the legend suggests that St. Valentine was a soldier for the Roman Empire and when marriage was outlawed because it was thought single men made better soldiers, this saint continued to perform marriages in secret.


Yet another version of the legend says that St. Valentine was killed trying to help Christians escape Roman prisons. According to one legend an imprisoned Valentine sent the first Valentine to a woman in prison and signed it “Your Valentine.”


The legend around Saint Valentine is unclear and convoluted at best. Historians speculate that the heroism in the legends and aura of romance is what led to Saint Valentine being popularized related to love and becoming one of the most popular saints by the middle ages.


Pagan Tradition


Like most holidays, for Christianity to gain widespread acceptance Christian holidays were designed to coincide with and have similarities to the pagan holidays preceding them. For example, Christmas is celebrated close to the solstice and the Roman pagan holiday Saturnalia.


For Saint Valentine, it is celebrated close to the pagan holiday Lupercalia, traditionally celebrated on February 15th. ( Lupercalia was a fertility festival that included sacrificed animals who were skinned and the hydes hung on women to promote fertility. Legend also states that later in that day women would put their names in an urn and the city’s bachelor’s would draw a name and they would be matched and wed. This festival was later outlawed at the end of the 5th century due to being unchristian.


We could go on and on, there are many interesting historical facts and legends related to Valentine’s Day. Read more here. 

Considering Love


While the roots of Valentine’s Day are tied up in legends and martyrdom, modern Valentine’s Day often gets tied up in commercialism. We forget to sit back and consider its true meaning, love for one another.


Loving one another takes many forms and doesn’t have to be things focused on buying. Whether you’re showing love to a significant other, your children or friends take a moment and consider what it is you love about that person and what would show love to them.


The 5 Love Languages


Dr. Gary Chapman’s, The Five Love Languages comes in many editions for men, women, couples, children, and even the workplace.


If you haven’t, take the test! The gist of it is, that people give and receive love in five different ways. Some people will have one primary love language, while others may have several. What one person may find demonstrates love means very little to another.


A Quick Breakdown Of The 5 Love Languages: 


  • Quality Time
  • Acts of Service
  • Gifts
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch


For example, if your partner’s love language is acts of service, they may find value with help around the house. Yes, chores can show love! Especially when they’re done without being asked, reminded or prompted. If it takes something off your loved one’s plate, that act of service can speak volumes. 


If their love language is physical touch, hand holding, a hug or even just patting their shoulder when you walk by all adds to their feeling of love.


So when it comes to house cleaning, how can you show love this Valentine’s Day? Well, we have a few ideas…


The 5 Love Languages Maid For You Edition


Quality Time: Honey, I hired us a house cleaner so we can spend that two hours we’ll save each week going for a walk/golfing/dinner etc…(insert date idea here).


Acts of Service: Honey I got the house cleaning taken care of for us so you don’t have to do the chores you hate.


Gifts: Honey, I got you a gift card for a house cleaner, and I pre-paid for the year so you also get a luxury gift basket full of wine, chocolates, bath bombs and candles for you to enjoy! (Email us to learn more).


Words of Affirmation: You’re such a hard worker honey and are always taking care of us. We’re so lucky to have you. As a thank you I got you a gift card for a house cleaner just to say we see and appreciate all you do!


Physical Touch: Honey, I hired us a house cleaner as a Valentine’s Day present so that we don’t have to clean, and instead can have inviting areas to cozy up, snuggle and relax together!


So friends, regardless of your or your loved one’s love language, a house cleaner is a great idea. Just be sure to package and word it for their style! For February only, in honor of my 63rd birthday, save 63% on your Top to Bottom Deluxe Deep Clean when you also book bi-weekly cleaning service. One-time cleans can save $63 on their deep clean. 


To book a house cleaning service give us a call at 215-370-7993, or fill out a quote request here. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!


With Love,