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Wedding Season is here, and for the mother of the bride or hostess, that can mean party preparation, excitement, and yes, stress. From the bridal shower to the bachelorette, to the bridal party getting ready, these special moments should feel relaxing, fun, and enjoyable. The bride and her loved ones should be able to look back and enjoy the process of it all. After all, once these events arrive, they’re over so quickly.  


Unfortunately, more often than not, all the work and preparations required combined with high expectations and family dynamics can mean stress, short tempers, snipping and tears.


The last thing any mother of the bride, or the bride for that matter wants, is to feel stressed, frazzled and chaotic on the wedding day or at the bridal shower. 


This is where Maid For You can step in as your secret success weapon with our Bridal Service and Catering, Party Service and Party Clean-Up Service. As your secret weapon to a smooth event, Maid For You specializes in making your home pristine, event run smooth, and leaving your home in mint condition.


Party Service And Party Cleanup Service


Hosting a bridal shower or bachelorette? Let us come clean your home ahead of time so you’re not exhausted when the party rolls around. Even the pickiest of guests won’t be able to find fault with how clean we leave your home. You’ll have more mental and emotional energy to put up with that guest you didn’t want to invite but had to invite to keep the peace. You’ll be on your ‘A game’ and looking rested and relaxed to smile and greet everyone, help the bride remember who brought which gift as she opens presents and be the supportive top notch host you want to be. You’ll look as skilled a host as Martha Stewart as we serve food, refill drinks, tidy up throughout the party and clean up after. Imagine getting to enjoy hosting in a way that feels light, relaxed and like you’ve got it all together. Your party will be perfectly executed and at the end, your home will be pristine as if no one was ever even there.


Wedding Day Service 


Most importantly when it comes to the wedding day, we our Bridal Party Service leave the hostess, the bride and her party wowed and feeling like the VIPs they are.  


Before the ceremony, it’s all about getting ready. Every bride wants to look gorgeous and have beautiful getting ready photos of time with her besties. Our friendly professional staff can pick up food the bridal party’s food order, set it out, serve it, and clean up so no trace of the party is left behind! 


Plus we come prepared with a bridal emergency kit so snags in panty hose, a rip in a seam, an unexpected spill causing a stain, hair coming undone from the updo are all addressed and handled with grace and ease. 


Picture this for a moment; you’re hosting the bridal party to get ready at your home before they head off to the church or venue. Your residence is the home base for all things bridal. Instead of having to worry about which bridesmaid or family member is picking up food, drinks and snacks, trying to rush around and help refill cups, set out plates and napkins and then come home to a messy home after the wedding, you hire Maid For You. 


Instead, you wake-up and enjoy your morning coffee, perhaps hair and makeup comes to you, perhaps the bridal party goes to them, when that stunning bride and her best gals are ready for lunch, our staff has picked up the food order, set it out, and is serving everyone. You get to sip a glass of champagne or lemonade, enjoy lunch, chat with everyone, while our smiling staff is refilling drinks, offering more snacks, cleaning up plates, napkins, cups and cleaning up. 


As the mother of the bride, you help your daughter get ready and feel nothing but joy, happy nostalgic tears and peace throughout the process, because someone is worrying about the hostess duties. Afterwards, our staff will put away food, wipe up, take out the trash, vacuum, sweep or mop up any messes. No trace of the party is left.


Then, when you head off to the church or wedding venue, you can fully soak in the moment knowing that when the party is done, you can put your feet up in a clean home and revel in the magic of the evening.


How To Book


This dream can come true! Bridal Party Service begins with two hour packages and can be increased for any length of time as needed.


Catering and Party Cleanup Service begins at four hours. You’ll be the sophisticated practiced hostess you want to be with our help.


To book either of these services please call Lisa at the Maid For You at 215-370-7993. We service Bucks and Montgomery Counties. 


Give The Gift Of Relaxation By Gifting Cleaning Service 


Is someone you love getting married? You can give them service from Maid For You with a gift card. Plus we have beautiful bridal relaxation gift baskets featuring luxury bath bombs, chocolates, candles, a drink tumbler and coasters. These luxury relaxation gift baskets are only $150 and include gift wrap and shipping. You can also add a gift certificate amount of your choice to them. 


Are you a bride or family member of a bride? Be sure to let them know they can add house cleaning to their registry! What an amazing way to kick off married life! With the customizable registry options on popular wedding planning websites like The Knot and Zola, the happy couple can add a gift card or service selection to their registry and just enter our website information here on their customized selection.