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5 Ways To Show Love Everyday


Valentine’s Day is upon us. For children this holiday is exciting as they anticipate a classroom party, exchanging cards with their friends, heart-shaped cookies and Valentine’s Day candy. But as we get older, sometimes the pressure of Valentine’s Day makes it less enjoyable and one more thing we have to do. 

Maybe you love Valentine’s Day. Or maybe you think it’s a holiday made up by greeting card and candy companies. Whichever camp you’re in, the pressure is still there. 

So what if instead of big grand gestures on Valentine’s Day, we found many little ways to show our loved ones that we care.

But first, a little history lesson.

History of Valentine’s Day

According to, Valentine’s Day which has also been called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine  originated as a feast day to celebrate Saint Valentine, who was a Christian martyr. 

This holiday like many others started with Christian roots, and has slowly changed to become secular. Through folk traditions, we now associate Valentine’s with love and romance. 

During the 14th and 15th centuries, the association of early spring lovebirds was associated with Valentine’s Day and became associated with love and courtship. In Italy Saint Valentine’s Keys were given as a gift to young lovers to unlock their lover’s heart. 

What About Cupid?

The funny little fat cherub Cupid we associate with Valentine’s Day and shooting his arrows to make someone fall in love with the first person they see is actually associated with the Greek god Eros. 

According to the parentage of Eros is unclear, but most agree his mother is Aphrodite and that perhaps Zeus or Ares is his father. In Greek mythology, Eros would shoot his golden arrows to incite feelings of love or sorrow in others. 

Kind of fitting don’t you think? We have often associated those who are alone on Valentine’s Day as being full of sorrow and loneliness while those in love are off together. 

Modern Times

Thankfully, Valentine’s Day has been slowly shifting over the last few years and you don’t have to be coupled up. Now you can celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends or even be your own Valentine!

Bringing the Love Back

Ever since COVID-19, the world in many ways has felt more negative, toxic, hateful and full of pain. And like breeds like. The upside to that, is a good deed, a kind loving gesture, can spread love in our world, which quite frankly needs it. 


So we’re bringing you 5 ways to spread love today and every day. No Valentine required!

1. Send a card.

It doesn’t have to be a Valentine’s Day card! A heartfelt note of appreciation or ‘thinking of you’ to a friend, colleague, or perhaps an isolated family member can go miles to share kindness and love.

2. Affirm Someone.

You can do this verbally, but if that makes you nervous, doing it in writing is okay too. Dr. Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages talks about the five ways people give and receive love, and one is through being affirmed. 

Affirmations are compliments about who someone is, rather than something superficial. Trying telling your spouse, child or friend, “You’re so special to me because _________” or “I love that you are so ____(curious about life, kind to others, helpful without asking, etc…”.

3. Affection

Give a hug or a shoulder squeeze (best to avoid the workplace, strangers and children not related to you with this one). As long as you’re comfortable and they’re comfortable, a hug can show someone you really care and can be a way to connect. People crave (appropriate) connection in this disconnected world. Be the last to let go. You never know how much that other person needs held. 

4. Give a Small Gift.

Pick up a small gift just because for someone who is often overlooked. Maybe it’s the security guard at your office, your postal worker, or your cashier. It could also be for a friend, spouse or family member. Giving a gift for no reason at all other than that you want to says, “I see you. I care about you and was thinking about you.”  This can be something as simple as a $5 gift card with a note saying,  “thank you for your service,” someone’s favorite candy bar, or bringing them back a coffee. 

5. Lend a Helping Hand.

Doing something to help out is a great way to make someone feel loved. And yes, chores or house cleaning is a way to fill up someone’s ‘love cup’ and make them feel loved. When you do something without someone having to ask, that can be a huge help and speak volumes about how you care about them. You’re helping them carry the load. Do your spouse’s least favorite chore. Shovel your neighbor’s walk. Bring your parents dinner. 

And if you want to really WOW your special someone or maybe a parent or adult child, let that helping hand be the gift of house cleaning from Maid For You. Through the end of February, when you give a year of house cleaning (Packages start at 4 hours of cleaning each month) and prepay, the first ten customers will get a special gift basket featuring candles & bath bombs and bottle of wine from Soaked Winery, this basket is valued at over $150. Bonus, when you give a year of cleaning you get a discounted price!

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